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All SEO Tools invitations have been sent

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Well, we’re there! All 157 of you that were on the pre-subscription list have been e-mailed. If you think you’ve been missed for any reason, I will be taking in another 43 people – then that’s it, doors are shut for a while.

Once the community is full, I will be adding in a few things which won’t be mentioned outside of the our walls… Um, website. We can’t have everyone knowing what we’re up to can we?

Last chance, public subscription is open for 43 places at http://tools.digeratimarketing.co.uk. If you miss the last 43 places, you’ll be put in a queue system for (if) and when people leave.

Thanks everyone for your support and patience with the waiting list!


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Interesting SEO Tools side effect

Friday, January 18th, 2008

As you can imagine, with the current roll out of my SEO Tools, I am keeping a close eye on their progress and how well they are working in different niches and on different sites.

I noticed an interesting side effect of the Link Backrub tool that we made. One of the tasks Link Backrub has to do is profile your inbound links, which means it has to use all sorts of techniques to work out where you have links from. One of the methods it uses to do this, is by tracking referrer data. If a visitor lands on your website, the Link Backrub bot will scuttle off to the referring site, check that it links to you and does a few health checks, making sure the link is followed and not present in the robots.txt file.

Once it has confirmed you have a valid inbound link, it will check that this page is indexed in Google, if not it will put it in a queue to get Google to look at it. Here’s what takes the biscuit though…

For my regular readers you would have seen my post on getting search pages indexed and dominating rankings. Now, obviously a lot of people find some of my sites via things like the Tesco Search. Imagine my surprise, when for one of my niche search terms I have my site listed #1, then at #2 a Tesco’s search page featuring my site as well!

Basically, the Tesco’s authority and having the keyword all over the search page outranked my ocmpetitors’ sites and gave me extra precious SERP space!

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SEO Tools Invites Flying Out

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Mwaha, despite the rumours, I’m far from dead. I moved house just before Christmas and it has taken absolutely ages to get broadband sorted, so I can finally stop hanging out the window trying to pick up a stray wireless access point. Anyway, you don’t care about that do you? You care about the exciting news!

Elite SEO Tools Invites are now being sent

After what seemed like a forever wait, everything has finally fallen into place. The networks are on the new servers, the tools are robust and tested and everything is looking rather peachy if I do say so myself. I have started sending out invites to those of you who pre-registered for the Elite SEO Tools, so if you haven’t got an e-mail yet, please be patient.

Deployment is planned as follows:

Friday 11th January: Invite #1-10
Saturday 12th January: (Final bit of load testing)
Sunday 13th January: Invite #11-20
Monday 14th January: Invite #21-31
Tuesday 15th January: I’m away today
Wednesday 16th January: Invite: #31-50
Thursday 17th January: Invite #51-80
Friday 18th January: Invite #80+

Hopefully, this schedule can see everybody accommodated for in the next week or so. If you’re not on the waiting list to join and you’d like to be, pop me an e-mail to: tools [at] digeratimarketing.co.uk.

While everything was shifted about, we had the chance to give some of the tools a bit of a polish. Here’s the releasing functionality of each tool:

Link Backrub
Link backrub aims to make the “invisible” web, visible – letting Google know about all of your backlinks. This tool works on a site-wide basis and you can enter up to 5 domains to use it on (unlimited pages per domain).

Install some code in your footer section, to help backrub analyse your incoming traffic and build a better picture of your link incoming links. Link backrub will actively scour the Internet and make a master list of every link it can find to your website. It will then check if these links are followed (and not included in a robots.txt) and if the link is indexed in Google.

It will systematically and constantly work to get your un-indexed backlinks indexed in Google. By making Google aware of all of your incoming links, you are increasing your sites link popularity in the eyes of Google and helping your site rank better.

This tool uses several advanced techniques to lure Googlebot onto a specific page and get it indexed. This process usually takes around 10 minutes, however due to the techniques used being somewhat “delicate” all requests to this tool will be approved by an admin to make sure the system is not being abused. This tool can get just about any page indexed in Google, incredibly quickly.

Social Storm
Social storm is an aggregated, randomized and multiple social bookmark submitter. Adding a website profile will result in the page being bookmarked at over 20 major social bookmarking sites, over multiple accounts.

Due to the randomization, safeguard and multiple accounts, this process can take up to 3 weeks per URL, to leave no footprint that social bookmarking sites can pick up on and insure all of our accounts stay active. This can generate you thousands of visitors and a good source of backlinks.

Currently this tool has access to approximately 225 bookmarks, this is planned to be expanded to over 1,000 over the coming weeks. Social storm can be used on upto 5 URLs per month.

Link Buster
Link buster is a “soft probe” link building tool. This tool will take a look at your page and decide on the content and give you a constant, good spread of incoming links.

Some of these links will be built automatically – such as linkbacks from image hosting sites, which will give you a wide variety of links from different IPs and domains, with a good mix of PageRank. This tool also produces a work-list which is then out-sourced and your links will be built by hand at authority sources such as Squidoo and Amazon pages.

All of these links will build your followed link profile and increase your site authority, giving you a boost in rankings.

Due to the intensity of this tool, it can only be used on 1 URL at a time.

StumbleXchange Automater
The StumbleXchange Automator, uses the Stumble Exchange system at www.stumblexchange.com, which you will need an account with, as well as StumbleUpon.

With these two accounts, you can use StumbleXchange Automator, by filling in the username and passwords for both of these accounts and clicking “Start”.

Raising the maximum connections to 3 will increase the speed at which the task can be completed. The URL being stumbled, will be that in your StumbleXchange.com user control panel.

Please note: This tool may seem to be taking a long time to work, this is due to the StumbleXchange servers being incredibly slow. The tool will soon be upgraded to work with mutliple stumble exchange programs such as suexchange.com

Why should I sign up?
Firstly, the most important thing I’d like to stress is while these tools are working great and already producing good results – the tools are always getting stronger. Every week I am adding more accounts to social storm, expanding the networks that the tools depend on and increasing the scope of the tools. I have already started planning new tools (both online tools and offline apps) which will augment your search rankings and provide new and effective “push button” marketing.

As has always been discussed, the spaces for tools are limited – I have to carefully calculate the amount of people that can safely use these networks without breaking them or compromising their usefulness. I’m being quite cautious – but these numbers will eventually increase as the tools are scaled.

If you’d like to get on the waiting list and be e-mailed an invite when there is room for you, send an e-mail to tools [at] digeratimarketing.co.uk.

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Digerati Server Move: Downtime Expected

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Hopefully, even the most dedicated of my search marketing, webmastering, online money making friends and readers will be taking some time away from the Internets for the Christmas holiday.

For this reason, I will be moving Digerati Marketing over to a new server during this time, so they’ll be some downtime for a bit, while the DNS resolves and all that.

If I don’t get another chance to post, I’d like to wish all my friends, readers, subscribers and everyone else a very happy and safe Christmas (:

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SEO Tools Update – StumbleXchange Automator

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

From the feedback I’ve got from my the current Elite SEO Tools users, we have totally revamped the StumbleXchange Automator program.

For those of you that use StumbleXchange, you’ll no doubt suffer from the same problem as me – it’s incredibly slow and the server times out loads. This means it takes absolutely ages to do your stumbles and makes it almost not worthwhile doing it manually.

The online application to automate stumbles worked okay, but it had a few hiccups when the StumbleXchange server was timing out. So, not being one to be beaten by a problem, we have developed an offline application with multi-threading to do the task.

So. Um. What does that mean?
Basically, you can download the application, and it will open multiple connections to stumbleXchange, grabbing several URL lists at once – meaning when the server responds, we can do a much larger chunk of work. Also, the program is relentless! No matter what happens to the stumbleXchange server, if it takes ages to respond, or if it times out, this will bugger will just reconnect and keep doing your job for you.

So, download, enter login details, hit go – then do whatever the hell you want. This badboy will keep going until the job is done!

I’m really happy how this tool worked out. Everything is working absolutely pucker now and as soon as a reliable, well priced dedicated server is sorted, we’ll be taking in the waiting list!

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