The Best YouTube Intro Makers

If you’re looking to get the most out of your YouTube channel an intro maker can help you to brand your videos easily and quickly.

The first 15 seconds of your video are important for capturing your viewers interest and leading them into the meat of your video. It should be:

  • Visually interesting, to capture attention
  • Branded with your colors, face, logo or something else unique
  • Long enough to explain what the video will be about
  • Short enough so that viewers don’t bail
  • Engaging enough to make viewers stick around.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best 10 YouTube intro makers and explain why each is worth checking out.


Renderforest is a free intro maker that has a massive number of simple templates, giving your video what looks like professionally animated content in just a few clicks.

You can play with the lighting, speed and animation options to customize to your own brand and the mood you are going for.

Of course, some templates are better than others. The particle-effect heavy options don’t tend to look that great. So keep that in mind when selecting your template.

Renderforest can also be used for other animations and graphics like explainer videos and slide shows.

Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal’s has a huge range of flat design templates, which look really nice. However, the customizability of their templates is a little limited.

It is not a free option – to use Tube Arsenal you will need to pay $9 per intro, plus a few more dollars if you want your intro in HD.

Search the internet for free single-intro deals if you want to test Tube Arsenal out.


Panzoid includes a clipmaker, backgrounder and video editor and has a deeply featured editing suite which you can use to modify any of the templates on the site. Templates on the site are limited, however for someone who is just starting out, Panzoid might be the best solution due to its ease of use, but for those looking for something that’s going to bedazzle audiences, you should probably look elsewhere.

Having said that, you might find that just messing around with Panziod’s editing suite to generate ideas works well for you.

Panzoid is free to use.


At the other end of the scale, Filmora is one of the top of the range intro makers and is a complete video editing and animation studio.

Successful channels will get the most use out of Filmora, because while there are a lot of features, they are quite complicated to use. And pricing for Filmora starts at $39.99 for a basic one-year subscription, however it would make more sense to take the $59.99 one-time fee deal. Business licenses for multiple seats are more expensive, but there is an educational scheme where students and teachers can subscribe for cheaper on application.

With loads of effects and motion elements that you can implement, and

quite a few musical tracks which you can use for your intro, it is a complete solution.


Biteable is a basic intro maker, but has a niche – it caters to those who create a lot of similar intros. Modifying the intro for each video is easily accomplished.

Channels whose content consists of lectures, speeches or vlog entries will be the major consumer for Biteable. And if you are okay with having Biteable’s watermark on your intro, it is free.

Biteable will work the best for when your viewers are being referred directly to the next video, or perhaps to a playlist of videos along the same theme.

But if you are looking for an eye-catching intro that goes beyond simply describing the content, you should look elsewhere. (and consider the impact of your first 15 seconds.)

Intro Cave

Intro Cave allows you to splice your content into a base video and then render it for downloading. It’s easy to use and there are loads of particle effects. However, because of its popularity, there is a good chance someone else will be using your template. HD videos will cost anywhere between $5 and $20.


FlixPress is a great intro maker for small businesses and is popular, with over 7 million registered users. They are the longest running video service out there. They have a wide selection of infomercial-like animations and backgrounds, and it is extremely easy to use the interface. FlixPress’ free option is very limited so if you want to get the benefit from the tool, you will have to pay. Options start from $0.83 per month for 10 minutes of video, however you will pay more to get HD.


Wideo claims to be the simplest intro video maker on the market, and it is a great tool for making simple cartoon animation videos. There is a 7-day free trial available. However, Wideo isn’t as simple to use as it claims, and it will only make flat 2D animated videos and nothing else.


Ivipid is a straightforward intro maker that is cool and fun to use, but not really a professional business tool. It boasts a simple three-step design and you can build videos that mimic brands like Pixar and MGM. But the templates are limited, it’s not supposed to be an advanced option and, really, if you are looking for a professional business image, this is not the tool to use.
Their pricing starts at $1.99 for 200 credits, and credits are used to choose options on your video. HD will cost more.

Intro Champ

Intro Champ is a no-frills video intro maker which charges by the template. Intros are good looking, and you can choose from over 300 templates, of which some are pretty high quality. Pricing is good – you pay by the template, and templates are mostly $4.98. There aren’t many customization options available and some of the templates are dated. Still, some have polished particle effects. It will take some time to dig through to find the right template for you.

Intro Maker

Intro Maker is simple to use and was created for one purpose – to create animated intros that feature your logo. It would be a good option for someone who is looking to make intros to match the quality of their HD footage, because it creates video in full HD at 1920x1080px. While there are some free videos in their catalog, expect to pay per template, starting at $5. Videos can only be delivered in .MOV format.


Videobolt is a quick and effective intro maker which offers a good selection of templates. Prices start at $5.99 per month, although Videobolt’s FAQ states you can browse the library and try the editor without video previews. Either way, you pay to have the watermark removed from the template. The website interface is excellent and Videobolt is a good option for beginners looking for something easy to use.

Wrapping Up

There is good and bad in every intro maker, and your choice will depend on your budget, skill level and what you want to achieve with your videos.

We’d suggest that you look at two or three of the options presented here, test them out and then decide for yourself which one works best for you.


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