What Is Page Authority?


The success of a digital marketing is a result of a successful implementation of tools in search engine optimization (SEO). To have the control over your website’s progress, you have to know your page authority. It’s an SEO term which describes the probability that a specific page from your site will be found on a search engine. Page authority is based on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 and focuses on the information and links relevance within site pages to one another.

The higher page authority is it means the greater are chances of that page showing up on search engines. In other words, your page will be higher in the search engine result page (SERP). However, it’s important to know that page authority is related to the pages within sites, not the site itself.

How to improve page authority?

Nobody is happy when search engine changes its algorithm. Unfortunately, that happens a lot and it will keep happening in the future.The challenge for websites is to understand how to have a higher ranking in spite of all these changes. Even though that Google, the most popular search engine, is not officially giving advice on how to improve your ranking, SEO and digital marketing experts know a trick or two. After spending their time trying to see how to get a higher page authority, they discovered there are factors which are directly or indirectly influencing the search engine ranking:


1. Content

When search engine optimization was relatively a new term for marketers, it was believed that SEO was all about keywords. Many websites started overusing their keywords thinking it will ensure their spot at the top of the search engine result page. However, the result was quite the opposite! Google and other search engines realized that the content these websites are offering to their visitors is not user-friendly, informative or creative enough. These websites ended with a very low ranking on search engines while the ones with fresh and useful content ended being at the top. Since Google is always looking after its users, it’s logical it will offer them content which is more valuable to them. The balance between SEO and informative content is the right way to please your readers and search engines!

If you have useful, beneficial and clear information on your pages, you will attract new browser to your site which will come back to the site. Also, creating links to your page from other sites, not just your own, is a great way to increase your page authority. Having these links will raise awareness for your site and you can even increase traffic with them.


2. Images

Don’t think that a good example of SEO excludes images on site. Search engines are browsing through you images too, so it’s really important not to forget about them. Did you know that users can find your site through images? That’s why it’s crucial that your images have descriptive ALT text so that they can be found on search engines by inserting these specific words. Remember, those who found your site through images are still your website visitors. In other words, giving attention to every detail will definitely help your search engine ranking.


3. External links

Also, try to get as many external links as you can if you want to ensure your website gets a bigger exposure. Let’s not forget that if another website links to your site, you’ll increase the traffic as well since the readers from another website will visit your website. Reach out to the companies or individual professionals who might be interested in sharing your content with their audience. To return the favor, you can offer to share their content with your readers.



You’re probably already implementing your digital marketing strategies in order to improve your ranking. From content, social media to other marketing strategies, their are all aligned to achieve your marketing goals. With SEO knowledge, you’ll know what you wish to focus on more and what are the elements your site can’t do without.

While you’re tracking all of your efforts to see how they’re performing, Moz domain authority will be very helpful to show you how your site is performing. It’s a scoring systems that predicts how well your site will rank on search engines. You can even see how each of your page is doing separately.



The higher your page authority score is, the better chances are your ranking on search engines such as Google will be higher. Keep creating fresh content to get a high page authority score. Everything starts with a great content which your users will appreciate and Google will reward. Publish new content regularly if you want others to like, comment and share it around. Make sure it’s interesting! Use your social media accounts to promote it. If you just wrote it and published it, you’re doing something wrong! Your content needs promotion from yourself and others.

Whatever your goals are, you will always need traffic to achieve these goals. Track your online activities constantly to notice when something is doing great and not so great. Check your page authority and do more of those things that have great performance on your sites. This will ensure your website is always moving up on the search engine result page.


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