Is It Time To Make The Donuts Again?


It’s hard to survive as a company during these hard times. There are so many changes in preferences, values, and trends. Those who managed to stand the test of time and overcome any obstacle on their way are truly remarkable. One of these is world-know Dunkin’ Donuts who showed its value through all the changes.


Story of Dunkin’ Donuts

The company started as a single restaurant founded by Bill Rosenberg in Massachusetts in 1950. It started with just one idea of serving guests high-quality coffee and donuts with fast and friendly service at an affordable price. Almost 70 years later, the company is still holding to that mission but now with its 12,000 restaurants in 45 countries. Even though it seems like everything has remained the same, the brand knew what are the key factors they need to fulfill if they wish to stay the lead player in the market.

This journey wasn’t an easy one for a company like Dunkin’ Donuts. Over the last few year, technology has changed the world of business completely. If you add to it the change in the meaning of a word “loyalty”, brands were fighting the battle of their life this whole time. To overcome these obstacles, Dunkin’ Donuts continued to innovate in their mobile and digital technology. Also, loyalty programs and personalized marketing have become crucial element of their success. Actually, Dunkin’ Donuts’ Perks is one of the fastest growing loyalty program in this industry. They knew what their customers wanted and more importantly, they knew how to give it to them!


Time to make the donuts!

“Time to make the donuts” is often quoted phrase by Fred the Baker, a popular advertising character in Dunkin’ Donuts’ commercials. It’s been 20 years since these commercials were aired on television, but the phrase is still very much alive in the marketing world. Its meaning is in the importance of being consistent. Being consistent to your customers. Being consistent with your service and your people.

Customers will always choose having a consistent good service every day instead of having an amazing service one day, and terrible the other. Starbucks, for example, is one of the most famous coffee shops in the world, but being consistent is something they’ve terribly failed at. Sometimes the service at the same coffee shop changes from today to tomorrow, and consistency is not present in all of their stores. It  really doesn’t come as a surprise that consistency is a challenge for many retailers and not a lot of them knew how to handle it.


The Consistency Recipe

Every company wants to be consistent because that is what the customers want. They want to know what they are buying, where are they buying this product or service and why they are buying it. By being consistent, your customers will know exactly what they can expect from your company. We’ll tell you the recipe to be consistent to your customer!


Ingredients to make the donuts:



Yes, you only need two ingredients but that doesn’t make it easy. To be committed, you will have to be present all the time. You will have to be there today and you will have to be there tomorrow. Anticipation is something inevitable. A lot of times you won’t know what tomorrow holds, but if you’re doing your best and paying attention to your customer needs, it will pay off.

In September 2018, Dunkin’ Donuts changed its name from Dunkin’ Donuts to simply Dunkin. Even though their fans have been calling the company by its first name for a long time now, the public was surprised by this official change. Company explained that there is no need for the word Donuts anymore, not in America nor any other part of the world as they wish to transform itself into a “premier beverage-led, on the go-brand”, as they explained in their press release.

This is another one of these adjustments a company is doing to overcome challenges in today’s business world. Some of the critics are saying it’s because the Dunkin’ Donuts is struggling with selling donuts and has been selling much more beverages instead which is the reason for losing the second word of the brand. Others are seeing it as a part of a trend where companies don’t want to have the product they’re selling in the brand name. The same was with Starbucks which before was named Starbucks Coffee. The time will show what the real reason was, but one thing is for sure: Dunkin’ (Donuts) is not afraid of making changes in order to grow their business.

What do donuts have to do with you?

You’re maybe not making or selling donuts. You’re probably not even in the food business. However, the story of Dunkin’ Donuts shows that even if your product is something as basic as donuts are, you can succeed and enjoy many benefits if you’re being consistent. It’s not just doing one thing over and over again. It’s changing that thing so it fits the needs and wishes of the ones who are buying it, and doing it over and over again. The key of consistency is not in the same product, it’s in shaping it so it can survive every obstacle it might face in the future. Only those brands who can recognize trends and adjust their product, service and everything around it will survive. Be fearless, make the donuts!

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