How to Make Money Blogging?


If you love writing, you’ve probably considering creating a blog and sharing your thoughts or ideas with the public. However, blogging is time-consuming and that is why many people will give up the idea of writing on such platform. What if you knew you could earn money just by blogging? What if you can write about things you want and get paid to do that? Before you get excited, you’ll have to ask yourself is this something you really want because without the passion and hard work, blogging will not pay off.

Do you already have a blog? If not, don’t worry! It’s really easy to start a blog with a platform such as WordPress. Not only it’s simple and won’t take too much of your time, it’s also free. First, you’ll have to decide what you want to write about. Having a niche blog will help you build an audience around it. Take your time to understand what you want to do with your blog and what are your goals for it. If you do it right, you will be able to turn it into a full-time job. Many people are already doing it, but the challenging part about it is that it takes time and a lot of patience.


How to make money blogging?

Others are already doing it for years so there’s really no reason why you couldn’t do it too. Follow the steps of those who have turned blogging into a respectful career with so many benefits.


#1 Set up a blog

Don’t start fantasizing about the money if you still don’t have your own blog. Research a little bit to see which blog platform suits you best, read a few guides for blogging, check the best practices, see the competition, etc. If you have some extra free time, enroll in online course for writing, blogging or design. There are plenty of those which are even free and will provide you with enough information you need at this point.

However, don’t get overwhelmed! Yes, there is a lot of things you need to think about, but if you go step by step and don’t pressure yourself into making quick decisions, you’ll enjoy this blogging process!


#2 Create useful content

Every blog needs to have its content. After setting up your blog, you will have to focus on creating content that will be interesting to your readers. Of course, the main topic of your blog is whatever you want it to be. Once you’ve decided what it is, you should stick to it. However, when you start writing posts for your blog, you should think of your audience. What would your target audience like to read? What information should you provide?

The important thing is making your content as useful as possible. Think about what is not being said about that topic, what are people searching about it and how you’re going to deliver it. As someone who has just started blogging, it’s important that you write in an engaging way so people will want to read your posts, one after another. Include yourself into these blog posts. After all, it’s your blog. People should feel there’s a person behind that content and they should feel connected to that person.


#3 Where are your readers?

Don’t think for a second that the blogging process ends with you publishing that post. Quite the opposite! That’s the difference between writing and blogging. If you’re serious blogger, you will have to go find your readers. They have to know about your blog if you want them to visit it! You’ve already created some of that amazing content and now you have to spread the word around the internet. If you want to earn money, you’ll have to be proactive and promote your blog.

You should be aware you’re not looking just for traffic, you’re looking for readers. You want to grow your audience who will come back and read your blog and not just have a lot of visits per week or month. Who is your ideal reader? What does he or she do in their life? Write down all the characteristic of that person to understand better what type of readers you’re trying to attract. Start promoting your blog on social media channels. If it’s business blog, promote it mainly on LinkedIn. If it’s lifestyle blog, Instagram will be your first choice.

Find other promotion opportunities for yourself. You can send an email and ask if you can participate in a podcast. How about forums that cover your blog niche? There are so many options, and a lot of them ask for no or little money to promote your blog. Make the best of it!


#4 Engaged readers

When you look back and have several posts already published on your blog, you’ll notice some of the readers are coming back for more. They will either share the content or comment, or will even send you an email saying that article you wrote last week was very helpful to them. These readers are your top priority! Respond to their comments, reach out to them personally, give them a hint what will you publish in the near future or mention some upcoming projects, etc.

Treat your readers like they’re your friends. Give them your full attention, thank them for their feedback and make them aware they’re the crucial factor of your blogging career. People who are appreciated on your blog will come back for sure. Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated?


#5 Make money blogging

It’s very important that you’ve followed these steps because skipping them or not being fully dedicated to each of them will affect the opportunity of earning money from your blogging. Be aware that the money won’t come to you just like that. It will take some time, but having a useful content and engaged audience is more than half work for your blogging career. One of the options for earning money from blogging is by advertising. As the number of your readers is growing, that’s your opportunity to contact brands in your niche and ask them to cover their product or service. Another way to make money is with affiliate marketing where you link to a product on another site and earn commission for sold product. You can even start your own membership program and let your loyal readers enjoy your extra services, premium content, coaching or something else for the amount that you set up.

You can’t go wrong with either of these options because they can only bring benefits to your blogging career. Maybe the first time when you reach out to someone for partnership, sponsored content or something else, you will not get paid but you’ll make a connection and open the doors for another opportunity that could be beneficial for your blog in the future.



Don’t expect to get money for your writing if your not taking it seriously. If you wish to have a career from something, you should treat it like a real job. Invest your time, knowledge, resources and all your skills into achieve that goal. Create great content that will attract high-quality readers who will enjoy your content and spread the word about it. Content is your start, but the way you communicate is what decides whether you’ll turn your blogging into a career!

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