LinkedIn Headline Examples: How To Present Yourself?


In a professional world, we all have to take care of our reputation. The same way companies are nurturing relationships with their audiences, individuals have to think about how they’re presenting themselves on the market. Social media platforms are a great place to show others who you are, what are your interests, your past experience, etc. Having a profile on a business platform like LinkedIn will help you reveal all your strengths to the business community.

Before thinking about your posts on LinkedIn, you should edit your profile so it compliments your professional image. One of the first things somebody will notice when they see your LinkedIn profile will be your profile headline which appears right under your name. How to choose the best one? We bring you the best LinkedIn headline examples to present yourself the best way possible.


Get over the shame

We’re all a little bit uncomfortable when we have to talk about our successful projects or just talk about ourselves in general. But, that’s what social media is about, especially LInkedIn. That’s the place where you have to be your best self in order to have a successful career and be recognized by other experts in your field. You don’t have to oversell yourself, be honest but be creative as well. The creativity of your LinkedIn profile headline can draw the attention of a potential partner or employer.

That headline is your tagline. Make sure it reflects perfectly who you are what do you do. However, be aware there are thousands and thousands of Digital Marketing Experts, Web Developers, Entrepreneurs, Copywriters, Founders, Owners, etc. Adding that kind of a headline won’t make your profile stand out. Start by defining what you title is. If your a Social Media Expert, it’s not enough to write just that. If you’re a Speaker it’s definitely not understandable when you just put that in your headline. The real question is what do you bring to the table with your skills. Your profile headline should be a combination of who you are (your feature) and what you can do for others (benefit).

A well-known marketing expert Judy Schramm has a few tips for everyone who is struggling with trying to write that catchy LinkedIn headline:

  1. Include three or four keywords that represent what you do.
  2. Include three or four keywords others use when needing your services.
  3. Identify what decision-makers care about when they hire someone like you.
  4. Be specific.
  5. Use a human voice.
  6. Avoid These in Your LinkedIn Profile Headline.


What to avoid?

Now that you understand what your headline should look like, let’s talk about those words and phrases that could hurt your reputation for various reasons. For example, get overing the shame of talking nice about yourself is something we already get passed as it is impossible to create a great LinkedIn headline if you don’t highlight your accomplishments. However, you shouldn’t brag or use some of the glorious words or phrases to describe yourself. Words such as a ‘visionary’, ‘guru’, ‘expert’, or ‘rock star’ can reject a lot of people. Let others call you a guru, you have plenty of words to choose from and show your best sides!

Also, try to avoid phrases such as “Best in class,” “top-performing” and other that compare you to other people. You are not the best because others are worse than you, you are the best if you’re constantly investing in yourself and trying to be better everyday. Also, adding the word “professional” will say absolutely nothing about your expertise and it’s way too long for that short field you have to fill.

Another advice marketing experts are giving on LinkedIn headlines is not to include your school, degree or the current company you’re working in. Use that section to say more about yourself rather than your employer.


Great LinkedIn headline examples

Writing anything that is different from others is hard and challenging. To help you a little bit, we’re bringing you some of the best LinkedIn headline examples that will boost your creativity and make you write an amazing headline for your profile.

1. Accountant

Working as an Accountant may not be as dynamic as some other positions, but it all depends on the person’s character. If you’re an interesting person and your clients love the dedication you have towards your work, you have a dream job! If you wish to show that passion in your LinkedIn headline, you should definitely avoid that plain word “Accountant”. Also, it doesn’t matter are you a Senior, Expert, Head of the department or something else. Why not write something like this:

After I crunch the accounting numbers and maximize your tax refund, I’ll make you a cup of (Company Name) green tea.

2. Writer

Being a writer might sound interesting to you, but to others it might sound too vague. What kind of a writer? What have you published? Why do you write? What is your motivation? Letting people know what is writing for you and what is your writing for others will surely catch someone’s attention. Check below for a great LinkedIn headline example:

Copy writing artist transforming technical jargon from flat-line boring into a juicy novel-like page-turner

3. Social Media

If you’re working in social media, you know it’s all about the numbers and feedback. Your work is public and that makes it easier for you to highlight your accomplishments or strengths. Be aware that today a lot of people are working in social media, and the rest of them are just active on it. That’s why you have to be straightforward, specific and clear. To get the idea for your perfect LinkedIn headline, read the one below:  

Social Media Specialist driving successful campaigns on a shoestring budget. 800%+ ROI in the past 12 months.



When writing that perfect LinkedIn headline example, the biggest challenge is how to present yourself the best way possible while not being too modest or too braggy. Be true to yourself and let others see your qualities. Looking what other have written in their headline section is always a great start. It will give you an idea how to present yourself on LinkedIn.The best thing is it’s not forever, you can change it whenever you get a better idea. The first impression is important so make your LinkedIn profile headline memorable!


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