8 Best Freelance Websites For You


If you’re thinking about earning some extra money or you simply want to work on well-paid and exciting projects you see online, freelance websites are the right place to start. When searching for a freelance project, most people are wondering what platform should they use and which one has the best benefits for them. You can find a large number of freelance websites that are great if you’re looking for a suitable online place to offer your services and earn some money in return.

However, it takes time to build up a respectable freelance career! If this is something you’re really interested, don’t wait any longer to find the website that works the best for you. Here is the list of the most popular freelance websites:


Freelance Myway

Freelance Myway is an excellent freelance platform for those who are interested in working in web development, design, writing, SEO, mobile, and data entry. By offering these 6 job categories, platform accepts only the most qualified professionals through their careful screening. Also, freelancers are protected on a this platform because clients have to verify payment and make a deposit before the project even starts. That way freelancers are ensured they will get paid as agreed. To apply for a specific project, you have to go through a three-step verification process that is reviewed by Freelance Myway’s quality assurance team. The focus of this freelance website is quality and efficiency, combined with a high-quality customer support to provide their user with the best online experience.



AngelList is a freelance website for startups, angel investors, and those who are looking to work for startups. The platform was created in 2010 and since then it’s dedicated to democratizing the investment process and helping startups with  challenges they’re facing regarding fundraising and talent. AngelList consists of a massive selection of jobs which are posted by well-known startups around the world. There are hundreds of job listing posted every day and freelancers can see what exactly the startup is offering them before they apply to work for them. Also, freelancers on AngelList have the opportunity to work remotely. Since 2015, the website is allowing startups to raise money from angel investors completely free of charge.



SolidGigs is a platform for freelancers of all types who are trying to find a job or a project to work on as quickly as possible. They combine dozens of freelance job boards and send over the best 2% of freelance projects from around the web every week. This way, they save freelancer’s time which they would spend searching and filtering through numerous options. Besides that, they have a big resource library with courses, interviews, templates, scripts and other tools that help freelancers get more jobs, raise their rates, pitch high profile clients and grow their business.



If you want to get an exclusive access to thousands of companies such as Zappos, AlJazeera and Forbes, create an account on Hired. This freelance website is very profitable for skilled individuals because companies come and look for them instead of freelancers applying for random jobs. In other words, Hired is a marketplace where companies compete for top contractors which creates a faster, more transparent process that gives freelancers the control over the process. Hired charges a 15% fee from the employers.The cool thing about this platform is that when you bill 500 hours to a client, you will receive a $300 signing bonus from the website.



With a network of 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients, Upwork is one of the most popular freelance websites. Each year, they offer more than 3 million freelance jobs in various categories. The platform gathers freelancers and companies all around the world by offering them a short-term or long-term projects and collaborations. There is practically not a project this platform doesn’t offer to its diverse community of freelancers. However, make sure you start with a lower rate so you can slowly build your freelance career and get better jobs that are better paid as well. It’s good to know that Upwork’s fee for freelancers is 20% of the total amount.



Authentic is the leading job board for designers, hackers and creative professionals. This freelance platform features jobs from various respected and well-known startups and universities. To be able to apply for most of the jobs on Authentic, freelancers will have to create an account. In other cases, they will be simply redirected to the job pages of the company that is hiring for that specific project. Up to now, the website has connected thousands of creative professionals with many successful companies and amazing work opportunities. It’s mostly focused on the freelancers who are experts in design, IT and creative industry.


College Recruiter

A lot of freelancers are students or enthusiastic individuals who have recently graduated, and College Recruiter is created specifically for them. This freelance website offers a lot of part-time freelance jobs for them within their degree. For those who are just starting their career and are interested in gaining more experience, College Recruiter is the perfect place to start. Not only that these freelancers will get a valuable first professional experience, they will also collect contacts for their future business opportunities.



Guru is a freelance website which helps freelancers to create profiles that highlight their experience which makes it easier for employers to contact them. Various jobs are posted on a daily basis, and with a 9% commission freelancers can choose between programming and development, design, writing, sales and marketing, administration, finance, and other fields. Depending on the project, freelancers are paid by milestones, tasks or hours, and employers can find the best freelancer by filters such as skills and location.



No matter is it the only job or an extra one, freelancing is really a great way to earn money and get valuable experience while working on very interesting projects. When going through these freelance websites, you’re not just applying for projects and jobs. You’re also connecting yourself with companies which are lead players in the industry your interested to build your career in. Start by creating your account on one of the freelance websites mentioned above and find a company or a job that suits you best. Freelance experience will bring you so many benefits in so many ways. It’s up to you to decide which one is the best for you!


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