Effective Podcast Advertising

Just how many podcasts are out? According to a new article published April 25, 2018, by FastCompany, there are over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes

Twenty-six percent of Americans listen to podcasts and the trend is projected to only keep increasing. And since interest in podcasting has risen so sharply, an increasing number of advertisers are leveraging this trend to promote their products and services.

The Podcasting Audit Study by Bridge Ratings tells us that advertisers are expected to spend $500 million on podcast ads in 2020. So how can advertisers leverage podcasting to get the highest possible return on investment?

Create an engaging podcast that supports your brand

You should have a detailed understanding of your brand’s demographics. So ask yourself, why are your customers watching a podcast? What do they hope to gain? Are they listening for information, education or entertainment?

Answering that question is the beginning point to create a podcast that will engage your target audience.

Develop a cost-effective marketing strategy to build an audience

Why is podcast advertising so effective for brands to gain attention?

Subscribers actively listen to every word, making them an excellent audience for advertisers who are trying to get their brands known. You don’t have to worry about them tuning out your ad like they do in many other mediums.

They put their trust in the hosts of their chosen podcasts, so they’re much more open to the brands that these hosts decide to recommend.

How to get your podcast out there.


iTunes is a great way to share podcasts. To get listed, there is an approval process, which may take a few weeks. To increase your chances of being approved, follow the tips outlined on their podcast specs page.


Podnova is another popular service for creating, hosting, and listing podcasts. Many developers use the platform to meet their technical needs, so it’s a great place for listeners to find other podcasts to follow.

Podnova has 15 different categories that you can choose from, so choose wisely.

And remember to update your podcast profile regularly because users can choose to sort by latest date modified, and if you regularly update, you have a better chance of being at the top of that list.


PodBean receives about half a million unique visitors a month, according to Quantco, making it a great place to generate an audience.


Midroll is a podcast marketing service that gives advertisers access to hundreds of shows that target the type of audience that they’re looking for. They target hosts who seek to make their ads sound like they are natively placed.

Promoting your Podcast


Reddit is one of the best platforms out there for driving traffic to your podcast. Reddit has millions of active users, so it will be relatively easy to find people with interest in your content. No matter what industry you’re in, identify and use relevant niche subreddits to promote your podcast on. Users like to talk to each other, meaning that it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince them to check out your podcast.

However, there is one rule.

Never talk about Reddit.

No, that’s Fight Club.

NEVER spam Reddit.

Redditors are wary of new users who have never joined in the conversation. Make sure that you provide something of value to the communities you’re participating in before you go ahead and try to promote anything.

Get a Shout Out from Other Podcasters

One of the best ways to draw attention your podcast is via referrals from other podcasters. Find podcasters who appeal to a similar demographic as your target market. They don’t have to be exactly the same, but they are more likely to give you a shout out if there is some overlap between your topics.

Get Guests to Help Promote Your Episodes

If you have guests on your podcast, consider asking them to help promote the episode. They’ll probably be happy to do so, since you’ll both benefit from greater exposure.

Use YouTube and PPC Ads

Over 17% of all Internet traffic is delivered through YouTube. But what does that have to do with podcasting?

Sharing past episodes on YouTube can be an effective way to find people who are browsing YouTube, and you’ll get even more exposure if you promote your episodes through YouTube Ads as well.

Facebook Ads

You can also promote the YouTube channel for your podcast via Facebook Ads. Here are some guidelines to create a successful Facebook ad:

  • Clearly define your conversion goals.
  • Create a campaign through the Facebook Ads platform. Set “clicks to website” as your conversion goal.
  • Specify the devices that you want to target.
  • Clearly specify your target audience demographics.
  • Create ads that link to the URL of your podcast and direct to your YouTube channel page. Track the results to work out which option results in more conversions.

It Will Take Some Time.

You can have the best podcast in the world, but it won’t accomplish much if you don’t promote it. Promoting a podcast is going to take time, but will be worth the investment once you’ve built a loyal audience that helps grow your.

Does your brand run a podcast? What strategies have you used to promote it? Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments.

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