Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Buy Facebook Likes?


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform for both personal and business use. Many people are running a company profile or an individual business profile on this network and everyone is facing the same challenge: How to grow your audience on Facebook? While thinking about ways to ensure your page is highly liked and commented, some have come up with an idea of buying Facebook likes. If you wish to find out how does that process of buying Facebook likes look like and why it is a terrible idea, keep reading this article.

Did you know that for just $40 you can buy 10,000 Facebook likes? Even though this might seem appealing to you, you should know that people can tell if your likes are bought just by spending few minutes on your Facebook page. It really is a quick, if not the quickest solution to grow your likes number on Facebook business pages. However, it for sure is the wrong solution!

Due to Facebook’s algorithm called EdgeRank, the posts for Facebook business pages are getting less exposure and consequently less engagement. For example, updates will reach 5% to 12% of your audience (those who liked the page). This makes it clear why some people and companies have decided to buy Facebook likes. If you add the fact that advertising can be expensive if you don’t have enough knowledge about it, buying Facebook likes seems cheaper than running a campaign.


Buying Facebook likes will hurt your reputation

As the result of an EdgeRank, notorious Facebook algorithm, Facebook now uses your page’s engagement to understand the level of the value your content bring to your fans and decides how many of them should see it. If you have thousands of inactive users who are not engaged at any level, Facebook will decrease the exposure level of your Facebook posts.

You shouldn’t forget that today’s Facebook users are way smarter than they were a few years ago. As it is with everything new, it takes time to learn how to use it and what things to avoid. Don’t expect that people will be fascinated by those big numbers of likes on your Facebook business page. Imagine what will they think if they see your page has one million fans, but your last posts have up to 10 likes?

When building your Facebook business page, you will get valuable information about your audience. You will know how old they are, where are they from, are they mostly women or men, and so on. Buying Facebook likes and getting fans that are not your target audience nor your potential customers will harm your statistics. That huge amount of information that Facebook is giving you is really priceless and can help you enormously with your marketing strategy as well as your sales.


Testing the buying likes strategy

In the end, you will want to advertise something for your company or yourself on Facebook. If you would promote your content so that your real fans who are also your potential customers could see it, that would make them react and you would have informed and engaged audience. But, if you would promote that content to your purchased audience, that means you would spend money on a lot of people who are not even interested in what you have to offer.

For example, a technology startup decided to buy Facebook likes. Fans were added through auto-liker script from all around the world, mostly Arab and African countries. In just three days, page reach was at the zero level since there was no engagement and comments from their audience. Because most of the posts were going into the feed of purchased fans, page reach was doomed and there was no hope it could recover from the buying likes strategy. After that, the startup had to solve the problem by manually deleting every bought fan which was pretty time-consuming.

Facebook will always be one step ahead of its users. First, this enormous platform with numerous benefits for businesses was created. Then, they strangled the organic reach for businesses and are making them pay for ads if they want to reach their target audience. Facebook is still the largest social media platform that has more than 1,3 billion monthly active users. Ensuring its profit is constantly growing, Facebook will always make sure these techniques such as buying likes fail and users will have to pay for ads if they wish their content gets exposure.


What to do instead?

You shouldn’t feel discouraged! There are plenty of long-term ways you can grow your audience, attract people with your content and remind them engage with it in the future. Check out this 5 rules that will ensure you get Facebook results you want:

#1 You can pay for ads, boost your content, create a Page Like campaign, post promotions, etc. This type of content is always interesting to your target audience and it will help you get the page likes and the engagement you need.

#2 Use information from the statistics. Find out who is your audience, what they like, when are they most active on Facebook and use that to form your content and know when to publish it. Don’t let these information go to waste!

#3 Don’t be afraid of failure. If you wish to be successful on Facebook, you will have to experiment and you will have to fail. The idea that helped your competitor doesn’t have to be the success formula for you. Try to find what is the most effective technique!

#4 Content is king. If you want to have an engaging audience, you will have to create an amazing content for them. Do your best to write catchy and creative copies, post visually attractive images and add that curiosity element in it. Your communication should be customized for your audience!

#5 Facebook groups. Your content is so good it’s such a shame not to promote it to relevant Facebook groups. Find groups that gather people who are your target audience and give them information they will treasure. Make it informative rather than promotional!



Like it is with everything in life, shortcuts are never the solution. The only thing that will pay off it the genuine effort you put into your Facebook business page. A shortcut such as buying Facebook likes will only look good for a few minutes, but as soon as you post your first information, it will harm you. Not to mention that everyone will be aware what kind of tricks you’re using! It’s really not worth it. Instead, be patient and creative. Success will not come overnight, but once it comes, it will stay for a longer time!

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